13-Year-Old Boy Spotted A Trash Bag On The Roadside. Luckily He Got Curious And Saved Several Puppies' Lives

Date October 10, 2017

For most pet owners, the arrival of puppies is a very special moment which brings smiles and happiness. However, this is not always a case with some people.

When this 13-year-old boy, named Jonathan was on his way to the bus stop, he heard strange sounds. He didn’t know what it was but decided to investigate. The brave child found a trash bag on the roadside, and when he looked closer, he was shocked. The bag was full of newborn puppies. Jonathan knew he had to help or else the babies wouldn’t survive.

The boy called his mother, and they took the pups home. Thanks to love and care, they are doing much better now. Their full recovery will take time, but I am sure Jonathan and his mom will do everything possible to comfort the little puppies. I couldn’t understand leaving a helpless creature to die, and it is so good that this story has a happy ending!

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