13 Years After They Split, Jennifer Lopez Talks About The Reasons Behind Her Break Up With Ben Affleck

Date December 28, 2017

The Latin diva's love life has always caused intense media interest, and even though she's now enjoying a beautiful relationship with baseball player, Alex Rodríguez, she didn't always have the emotional stability she has now. 13 years ago, the singer, together with Ben Affleck, formed one of Hollywood's most popular couples.

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They were together for a year and a half and even became engaged. However, they announced their marriage in 2003 and their divorce in 2004. Now that it's all in the past, Jennifer has finally decided to talk about what really happened.


Everything was going well until they both starred in “Gigli”, a box office bomb which was the cause of their split. After contemplating this failure, J.Lo went through one of the most difficult periods in her life caused by media pressure and harassment.

The actress became depressed and started questioning her talent. She felt that perhaps she didn't belong in the world of acting and that was reflected in her relationship with Ben, which gradually began to fall apart. For the beautiful Jennifer, the split with Ben complicated her depression and it took her about two years to recover.

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She explains that she felt very insecure about herself and thought that she couldn't do anything well. Luckily, her next projects cheered her up. Later, both she and Ben married other people, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner, respectively. Although both of those marriages have ended, they both have children who they adore and value more than their careers.

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