5 Proven Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water With Honey In The Morning

Date February 14, 2018

We all know that lemon water with honey is beneficial, especially when you caught a cold or flu. We also know that lemons are full of Vitamin C. But are there any advantages of drinking it daily? Yes! There are more than enough reasons for you to add lemon water with honey into your morning routine.

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1. Better digestive system!

The first thing that lemon water with honey influences is your digestive system, mostly, not because of lemon or honey, but because of the temperature of water. It should be warm! Consume it on an empty stomach. Drinking warm water right after you wake up in the morning helps flush the digestive system and rehydrate your body. In addition, lemon and honey can stimulate proper amount of stomach acid.

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2. Better lymph and liver!

During the sleep, your liver is highly active due to restorative function of the sleep process. Rehydration becomes even more important now. It helps your liver clean lymph with ease.

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3. Stronger immune system!

Back to Vitamin C… Lemons also contain Potassium. Drinking lemon water exactly in the morning increases the assimilability of nutrients, which leads to a good boost of your immune system.


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4. Cleaner skin!

Flushing the body and improving digestion, as a consequence of drinking lemon water daily, may help your skin look better. The decrease of toxins will most likely make your skin much cleaner. Furthermore, Vitamin C is needed for collagen production, which serves as a restorative component for the skin.


5. Healthy weight!

Warm lemon water with honey in the morning stimulates stomach acid and as a result can normalize your metabolism. This can help a bit with a weight loss. Of course, it won’t become a miracle solution, but still can motivate you to cope with the issue, if you have one.


Try doing some exercises right after you drink your lemon water. Simple stretching or morning yoga would be enough. It will help the liquid go through digestion as quickly as possible.

Stay healthy! Share with us your results. Do you feel any difference?

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