5 Hollywood Stars Who Have A Completely Different Profession

Date December 27, 2017

When we mention the word Hollywood, the first thing that comes to mind are the elegant events, red carpet, the walk of fame and the huge amounts of money spent on their huge parties. But definitely not all Hollywood stars are 100% dedicated to acting on the big screen. Many have other hidden talents which are rarely revealed to the public.

Here we introduce you to 5 Hollywood actors who also have other, completely different professions when they're away from the focus of the camera lens.

1. Rupert Grint: Real estate owner

Who could forget Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's best friend? Although he's been involved in several other movie productions, this was definitely the role that took Rupert to superstardom. But when Rupert isn't acting, he keeps working as owner of several buildings in central London with the company, Eevil Plan Properties, which he runs together with his father.


2. Idris Elba: DJ

Elba is on the list of sexiest men of the moment and we've been able to see him in action in productions like Luther, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Thor, and many more.

But when Idris isn't in front of the cameras, he has fun working as a singer and DJ. He's even had the opportunity to create some musical productions, from reggae to blues.


3. Lucy Liu: Artist

The famous star of hit film "Charlie's Angels" has a hidden talent which was only revealed to the public in 2009. Liu, when in between jobs as an actor, creates paintings and photographs, under the name Yu Ling (her name in Chinese).


4. Vigo Mortensen: Photographer

The renowned Aragorn from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy is an amazing photographer when he's not acting. Mortensen has also acted in the movies Eastern Promises and Captain Fantastic, for which he was nominated for an Oscar.

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But this actor is so skilled with the camera, that part of the photo compilation taken by him appears in the film, "Lord of the Rings". He also founded a publicity agency called Perceval Press, which specializes in the publication of photography books.


5. Dan Aykroyd: Assistant Sheriff

How could we forget about one of the Ghostbusters? Akroyd is one of the great comedy actors who came to prominence on Saturday Night Live, and boy was he a success! However, his life away from the camera is totally different. Akroyd works as an assistant sheriff in Mississippi, where he works as a investigator.


I bet you didn't imagine the second careers of these big movie stars. So, next time you see one of their productions, remember the job they do as a hobby in which they're also successful.

Source: Source:  Vix

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