6 Easy And Quick Ways To Decorate Cake With The Help Of Cutlery

Date January 14, 2018 23:07

Who said that decorating a cake requires a lot of time and effort? You can make any cake look beautiful and unique with the help of a regular cutlery. Below, you will find six easy and fast ways to create wonderful patterns using nothing but a plain spoon, fork, or knife. Let's get started!


1. Spiral

Take a fork and place it in the center of the cake. Start spinning the plate with the cake, slowly shifting the fork to create a nice spiral.

Use the same trick to decorate the side.


2. Basketweave

The next one is also created with the help of a fork. Just draw small horizontal and vertical lines on top of the cake in the checkered order.

Decorate the side of the cake the same way.

3. Large rounds

If you want to create a larger spiral, take a spoon instead of a fork.

The basic technique remains the same: start at the center and move toward the edge.


4. Small waves

Using a spoon, you can make a rather interesting pattern with waves.

Start by drawing small waves along the edges of the cake. Repeat the action to fill the inner circle.

5. Stripes

For this one, you can use either a spoon or a thin knife. Just draw several parallel lines from side to side, using a cutlery as a brush, and enjoy the result.


6. Swirl

Using a knife, you can also create a large swirl. Start at the center of the cake, as if you were drawing a simple spiral. Try changing the angle between the knife and the top of the cake as you move toward the edges to create a deeper line.

The best thing about these decorating techniques is that they are extremely easy and fun. And if you want to try and create some more difficult patterns, you can find all the needed tools here.

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