74-Year-Old Sam Elliott Shared What Kept Their Marriage With Katharine Ross Happy

Date December 18, 2018

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross celebrated 34-year union this year.

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They first met on the scene of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids”. Katharine was the lead actress in that movie and later got BAFTA for it. Sam was just one of the extras and many years later he admitted that time he wasn't brave enough to talk to the main star of the film. But 9 years later fate brought them together to London, where they played in “Legacy”.

Sam and Katharine started dating and got married in 1984. For Katharine, it wasn’t the first marriage, before she walked down the aisle four times already. However, none of that relationships lasted as long as this one.

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Elliott and Ross are still in love and have a daughter Cleo Rose together.

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So what is their key to long-last marriage? Sam says

We have a common sensibility but we also work at being together. That’s how relationships last.


And he knows what he is talking about. Just look at their pictures together. They are always holding hands, hugging and looking happy when together.


What’s more, they co-starred in a movie “The Hero” (2017) and have a lot of other plans together.


Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross make an excellent example of a good family. So let’s wish them luck and hope that their marriage would be always this strong.

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