8 Reasons Why Having A Cat Might Bring Many Benefits

Date December 27, 2017

Cats are smart, loving, and intuitive. But they're not just worth having around because of their great company. Several studies show that living with them is actually good for the health and here we'll explain the reasons why.

1. Your heart will be more healthy

Cats are able to calm us, thereby reducing our levels of anxiety and stress.

2. You'll always have support

During tough times, cats help us to deal with strong and painful emotions such as hurt and sadness. Plus, one study showed that cats are great listeners.

3. You'll have more dates if you're a single man

90% of women in the survey believe that men who have cats are pleasant and kind.

4. You'll take better care of the environment if you have a pet cat

Cats leave a very small carbon footprint and eat much less than larger animals.

5. You'll have an amazing partner for life

Austrian scientists found that the presence of a cat is comparable to living with a romantic partner. These animals know how to love and are also capable of showing lots of love in return.

6. You'll sleep amazingly well

One interesting fact: People sleep better if a cat sleeps together with them.

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7. You'll have better protection against allergies

Children who grow up with a cat at home have better immune systems and are most protected against allergies.

8. A cat could save your life one day

We've heard many stories in which cats warn of a fire or gas leak ahead of time, thereby saving the lives of their humans.

So, if you're a cat lover and thinking about getting a pet, these powerful reasons should be more than enough to convince you. Don't hesitate any longer and adopt one!

Source: Hefty

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