Lost Cat Kept Staring At A Random Family's Window For 4 Days And No One Could Figure Out Why, But Luckily He Was Safely Returned Home

November 19, 2019 15:49

Cats are very independent creatures and it's very easy to lose your beloved pet if you're not careful. It's recommended to put a unique collar on your cat so you can spot it and, even more effective, use a microchip, which will simplify the identification of your feline friend.

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Lost cat "terrorizes" a family

Erin Breean of Austin, Texas, posted in a local lost pets Facebook group pleading with someone to get the cat that she found. Erin wrote that the lost cat followed her and her dog home and kept staring at their window throughout the night:

Its been over 4 hours now, he’s just staring at us through the window howling at the top of his lungs.

Breean knew the cat belonged to someone as it was pretty well fed. Nevertheless, she took care of their new family friend, but never lost hope that someone would show up to get him.

Finally, four days of staring into Erin's window, the cat was reclaimed by its owner. Turned out, his name was Kylo and he was very happy to be reunited with his owner.

How to find a lost cat

If you can't find your cat, don't despair, there are ways you can increase the chances of your pet's return with a few simple steps:

Step 1. Search the area around your house with the smelliest treats you can find and call for your cat. Chances are, if trained, the cat will show up.

Step 2. Ask neighbors if they've seen your cat and get permission to look around their house, your cat might be hiding there.

Step 3. Contact local shelters and make a Facebook post about your missing friend. There are many local groups that help to find lost animals.

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Be patient and don't lose hope, sometimes cats return months after going missing.