Meet Porter: World's First Dog To Pass Driving Test And Hit The Road In A Specially Modified Car

November 26, 2019

Anyone that's ever owned a dog (at least an obedient one) knows that dogs are smart animals open to training.

According to research by animal psychologists, dogs' intelligence equals that of an average two-year-old child.

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Man’s best friend can understand up to 250 words, interpret human emotions, and even pull off crafty tricks when trying to score a snack.

While some owners imagine how cool would it be to own a dog who can roll over on command, jump through a hoop and really just do any trick that will impress friends and family, most probably didn't think their four-legged friends can be trained to operate a vehicle.

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Dog driving a car!

Well, here we go! Meet Porter, world's first dog that can drive a car!

To prove that the dogs are smart canines, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals teamed up with MINI and initiated the #drivingdogs campaign, where they teach dogs how to drive.

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MINI was modified specially for dogs: they moved the accelerator and brake pedals up where the dog could reach them, added paw-friendly handles to the steering wheel, and made the ignition start button easier to activate.

After that, three dogs – Ginny, Monty and Porter – worked with four trainers over the course of two months to develop their driving skills. Porter became the first one to obtain needed knowledge and managed to pass his driving test!

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That's impressive!

In the video, Porter seamlessly makes a turn around the bend, and follows all the instructions that are being given to him. He's just awesome!

We don’t know about you, but he seems like a professional to us!

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People's reaction

People took to the comments section to express their emotions, with one user jokingly saying:

"Hey, it's me Goodboy, your Uber driver. I'm outside."

Others also could not help but show their shock:

"The dog kept its eyes on the road most of the time, I’m impressed"

"WHAT???!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I've seen dog drive with the owner hidding in the back seat. BUT THIS DOG IS REALLY DRIVING FOR REAL. THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!! You definitely don't see this everyday. One paw on the wheel. That dog just lay back. WOW!!!! Tremendous job. "

"Imagine driving the highway looking left and you see a dog driving a car smiling at you."

Uber drivers aren't likely to be replaced by driving-eye dogs anytime soon, but it sure is interesting to know that dogs can be trained to drive an automobile.

Moreover, it's great to know that our beloved pets are so smart and intelligent. All they need to manifest their abilities is our love, time and attention. It's up to you whether your dog will show his amazing skills or not. Did you like the story about Porter? Share it with your friends and make their day!

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