Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Brave Woman Saves Scorched Koala From Bushfire Wrapping Animal In Her Own Shirt

November 22, 2019 13:14

Sometimes heroes don’t need to have a special costume with capes, a simple act of bravery is enough. This is the case of a woman who risked her life to save a scorched koala from a bushfire in Australia.

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Bushfires in NSW

In Australia bushfires are very common. It can cause damage to property including loss of human life. Indigenous Australians for years have used the fire to foster grasslands for hunting and to clear tracks.

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However, an organised way of controlling the bushfire began with an establishment of a volunteer organization called New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

Koala rescued from bushfire

A woman has received praises on social mediaafter a video of her rescuing a burned koala from a bushfire in New South Wales, Australia went viral.

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She saw the animal crossing a road in between flames near Port Macquarie. The woman who gave her name as Toni to Nine News risked her own life by rushing to rescue the koala and wrapped the animal in her shirt.

After taking it to safety, she poured water over the animal and wrapped the koala in a blanket. She then took the scorched koala to a nearby hospital that is treating affected koalas.

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The rescue video posted by Guardian News on YouTube has more than 80, 000 views and over 100 comments. People thanked the woman for rescuing the koala and everyone was happy that the animal was saved.

Social media reactions

@Lavender Soap1

What a brave woman. Bless her

@Tibor Uray1

I teared up. This LADY is a hero. All the best lovely LADY.

@Wilfred Sam1

Million thanks to the lady.


This world needs more courageous, kind, instinctive decision making people like HER.


Whoever you are lovely people, thank you! 💖💖

@Asad Ahmad23

BLESS YOU!!! I hope you get rewarded a Million fold!!

@P Q22

HERO!!!!! We all can be HERos just like this! Thank you!!!!!!

Meanwhile you can reduce bushfire risk in your area by getting rid of anything that could fuel a fire. This includes:

  • Mowing and maintaining a well-watered lawn.
  • Raking up leaves.
  • Removing leaves from gutters, roofs, downpipes and around the base of trees.
  • Storing flammable materials away from the house.

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Have you ever been able to save an animal? Whom did you save? Share your experience in the comments.

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