Piers Morgan Accuses Meghan Markle For 'Ghosting' Him And Faking Her Emotions As A Duchess: "Once An Actress..."

October 18, 2018 17:22

The accusations of Duchess Meghan haven't stopped since her encounter with Duke. Apart from her father and half-sister, even her former friends and colleagues try to 'put her in place' accusing Markle of various things.

Piers Morgan

Mr. Morgan and Meghan Markle were close friends in the past. The British broadcaster accused Markle of ghosting his calls and messages after uniting herself with Harry.

The next night they had a solo dinner together and that was the last I ever heard from Meghan Markle. And I never heard from her again. She ghosted me. Meghan Markle ghosted me.


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Well, Meghan's behavior is justified, because she's now in the royal family having own rules, attitudes, and things to follow throughout a lifetime.

Piers Morgan recalled how they talked nicely to each other and tried to keep this friendship.

I really liked her, I just think she is a slight social climber, I’m afraid. At her wedding, there was just one member of her family there, the rest couldn’t be risked, it was considered too dangerous.

"Once an actress..."

Later, Piers began mocking "faking her emotions." It's a bit vague topic because she doesn't fake anything; she just loves Harry, that's it. Piers went on making fun of her love for Harry posting a couple's photo in Australia, where a caring wife was holding an umbrella during her husband's speech.

Well, we are sorry, Mister Morgan, but it seems like you want a bit of attention here.

Though he's offended and confused, it would be much better to stay quiet and not put Meghan aka ex-friend in a negative spotlight.

The more Meghan enters the noble life, the more people seek attention by accusing, ridiculing, and lying about Duchess of Sussex. Of course, her new life is an entirely new level, and it also amazes us how Suits actress had a long way to become who she is today. 

Yet, it doesn't imply we hate her or try to find any mishaps, past mistakes, and bad sides of her personality. Isn't it enough that she's finally happy? Exactly, it is.

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