Woman Claims She's Michael Jackson's Biological Daughter & Also Has Vitiligo Just Like Him

July 15, 2019

When Michael Jackson died, he left behind $500 million worth of fortune. His legitimate heirs became the custodians of the grandeur empire. Fraudulent individuals observed that his wealth had a blood claim. Even now, many are in line to prove they're related to him.

As of 2018, his only daughter Paris Jackson's net worth was $100 million. Blanket aka "Bigi" has the same but he will acquire more of his father's property at the age of 30. A similar sum has been assigned to Prince Jackson who has continued Michael's legacy by helping others.

Another successor has arrived

A woman named Mocienne Petit Jackson had claimed to be MJ's spawn. According to TMZ, she says her alleged father was only 17-years-old when he secretly impregnated her mother, Barbara - who happens to be Diana Ross' sibling.

Petit has narrated that she's experienced many adduction attempts over the years to cover up her story. She also mentioned having Vitiligo, just like her so-called dad.

Mocienne has filed documents with L.A. County Superior Court. She believed to be surely in line for a handsome inheritance check. The request for the custody of Michael's children is also included in the lawsuit. Currently, she awaits the judge to give her a go-ahead on a DNA test.

Her presumed mother denies it all

Speaking to TMZ, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee declared she's pretty sure Mocienne is not his child. She also labeled her to be "delusional" and calls the whole thing absolutely "bizarre." Barbara disclosed she hadn't come across Michael in 1975 at all.

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