Dolly Parton Makes A $1 Million Donation To A Children's Hospital, And She Has A Special Reason Why

May 23, 2018

After decades of making mainstream country music, "Coat of Many Colors" singer, Dolly Parton, decided last year to do something different for a change. She wrote and released her first ever album for kids, titled "I Believe in You."


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During an interview with Rolling Stone Country, Parton revealed that she took a different approach to her songwriting for the album, saying “I just put myself in a little child's place.” Parton has a very large family, and she said she found inspiration in the many little nieces, nephews, and children of friends and band members.

Fairy godmother with a big heart donates big again

Dolly Parton has always been passionate about children and last week, on Thursday, she proved once again that her love is unflinching. Parton visited the Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital in Tennessee and donated a whooping sum of $1 million.


The donation was a celebration of life for Parton whose niece, Hannah Dennison, just turned 30. Parton shared Dennison’s story with a gathering of doctors and patients at the facility.

Twenty-six years ago is when Hannah was diagnosed with leukemia, and for five years we didn't know if we'd be keeping her or not. But Hannah now stands here as our chemo hero. She shows that miracles do happen with good care, great doctors, and great nurses.

Dennison was treated for leukemia at the hospital and made a full recovery. Parton even wrote three songs for her on her new album, including “Chemo Hero” and “Brave Little Soldier.”

Earlier in the fall of 2017, Dolly Parton visited the hospital to launch her new children’s album. It was then that she made the commitment to donate the $1 million.

Parton announced that all proceeds from sales of the new album will go to her Imagination Library, a project that provides free books to millions of children from birth to when they enter school. So far, the program has reached over 1,600 communities in the US, UK, and Canada.

Growing up with a large family in Tennessee was not all easy for Parton, and finding herself with 12 siblings was an uphill task. Still, Parton gives credit to her parents for instilling in her the discipline she applies in her life till date.

Parton learned to share from a very early age, and her mother taught her to always be content with what she had. And in spite of her immense fame, Parton remains connected to family and constantly preaches the message of community spirit and love wherever she goes.

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