Nicole Kidman's Youngest Daughter Isn't 10 Yet, But She's Already A Carbon Copy Of Her Famous Mom

February 5, 2019

We all know and love Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban as a couple, but before finally finding her soulmate in the country singer, the Moulin Rouge! star was married to Tom Cruise for 11 years. Kidman and the famous actor share two adult children: adopted daughter Isabella and son Connor born, in 1992 and 1995, respectively.


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With Urban, however, Nicole still shares the joy of raising their children. The couple's daughter, Sunday, was born in 2008, while her sister, Faith, was welcomed in 2010 via a surrogate. But little Faith is growing up now and she already looks exactly like her famous mom!

The power of genes

Since Nicole and Keith stopped hiding their baby daughter from photographers, we've been getting more and more pictures of their youngest girl.

We couldn't help but notice how much Faith resembles her mother, and she's not even 10 years old yet!


While Sunday seems to be taking after her dad with straight brown hair, Faith has her mom's cute light curls.

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In addition, we can definitely see Nicole's familiar smile. Faith is just such an adorable little bunny!


The similarity is absolutely incredible, don't you think?

Already following Nicole's footsteps

Nicole also let it slip on Ellen that her girls will make a cameo in season 2 of her show Big Little Lies. Kidman was very excited about this news and couldn't help but reveal this little detail.

Knowing Kidman's talent, we believe Faith and Sunday inherited some of it and have a chance at a great Hollywood career in the future.

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