Meghan Markle Describes Her "Surreal" Moment With The Queen, Which Points To A Close Bond Between The Two Royals

October 31, 2018

Ever since Prince Harry presented Meghan Markle to the world as his fiancée, everyone has been wondering about the Queen's thoughts on her grandson's choice of companion. Many doubt that the monarch was thrilled about another divorced American entering the royal family, but it turns out, we were wrong.


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Her Majesty and the Duchess of Sussex seem to be getting along splendidly. Otherwise, why would the Queen invite Meghan on a trip with her only a month after the wedding? The two ladies share a lot in common, including their love for Malta, and it looks like they enjoy each other's company. In addition, Meghan and Queen Elizabeth II shared a very special moment right before the wedding, which makes us believe they're on very good terms.

Meghan Markle's 'surreal' experience with the Queen

Choosing a wedding tiara was stressful for Meghan. She wanted to make the right decision, but was somewhat lost between the numerous jewels offered to her. The recent exhibition at Windsor Castle titled A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex showcased Meghan and Harry's outfits from the wedding and revealed how the royal bride ended up with her gorgeous headpiece.


The display features testimonies from both Meghan and Harry. In one of them, the couple talked about deciding on the tiara that was made specially for the Queen's grandmother Queen Mary in 1932. As Duchess of Sussex recalled:

Harry and I had gone to Buckingham Palace to meet with her Majesty the Queen to select one of the options that were there which was an incredibly surreal day as you can imagine.


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Meghan was incredibly humbled by the Queen allowing her to choose such a rare and special headpiece. In the end, it was the best decision they all could've made, because Meghan Markle looked breathtaking, and the tiara played its beautiful role.


Meghan brings out the Queen's playful side

During their first joint trip to Cheshire, we couldn't take our eyes of Her Majesty and the Duchess of Sussex. The two royal ladies looked like they were having a lot of fun, which leads us to believe the head of the royal family enjoys Meghan's company very much.

A body language expert even noted that the Queen was in exceptionally high spirits around the Duchess:

The Queen was the happiest I've seen her in a long time. They looked like naughty teenagers giggling together at one point.


This trip was also historical because Meghan Markle became the first non-senior member of the royal family to ride the Royal Train with Her Majesty.

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