Olivia Newton-John And Her Ex-Husband Could've Adopted A Baby From Romania If Not For The Family Tragedy


March 15, 2019 13:20 By Fabiosa

Olivia Newton-John and Matt Lattanzi wanted to have a second child, but it wasn't as easy as they imagined for the first time.

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The couple was dreaming about raising a second child, and even picked an ideal country for it – Australia, but unfortunately, they couldn’t imagine that it would be so hard. Nevertheless, they kept dreaming of becoming perfect parents for another child.

In 1995, Olivia and Matt announced their plans to separate, and the couple got divorced in 1996, after around eleven years of marriage.

Baby from Romania

Not a lot of people know this fact, but Olivia Newton-John and her ex-husband Matt Lattanzi nearly adopted a baby from Romania. This process was not successful, because the family tragedy stopped them from doing it.

Olivia made a decision to adopt a child from Romania after she saw photos of orphans on TV. She saw a particular little boy, whom she liked a lot and had a feeling that it is her son, whom she just has to adopt.

In the memoir Don’t Stop Believin‘ Olivia Newton-John revealed she wanted to do it after suffering several miscarriages which completely broke her heart.

But unfortunately, the horrible tragedy prevented them from doing it, Olivia Newton-John found out her 5-year-old goddaughter Colette passed away from cancer.

My hands shook and I couldn’t stop crying. How could we live without our Colette?

Even though their plans were not realized, Olivia Newton-John became a perfect mother for Chloe, and they are indeed close to each other.

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Olivia Newton-John and Matt Lattanzi were planning to adopt a baby from Romania, but the horrible tragedy with Olivia’s goddaughter stopped them from doing it.

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