Ashton Kutcher's Personal Tragedy: He Turned Down A Date With His Ex-Girlfriend The Night She Was Murdered

April 19, 2019

Ashley Ellerin's childhood friend Carolyn Murnick revealed Ashley and Ashton had met through their mutual friends.

She claimed they had some sort of relationship, but unfortunately the horrible incident separated them forever.

Ashton Kutcher's personal tragedy

It was also revealed that Ashton Kutcher turned down a date with his ex-girlfriend the night she was murdered.

It happened back in 2001, when Ashton Kutcher got a call from Ashley Ellerin, his new love. During that time, she was a young and promising model and part-time stripper, who did everything possible to build relations with Kutcher.

Nevertheless, the actor rejected her offer and was not planning to go on a date with her. Reportedly, he was about to visit her at her Hollywood bungalow.

According to the police statement, Ashton tried to call Ashley several times, but she never answered. The actor later drove to her apartment, and after nobody opened the door, he looked through the window and mistook her blood for a red wine.

The serial killer Michael Gargiulo was accused of murdering Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend. By the way, he was linked to other victims too, including Tricia Pacaccio, Maria Bruno, and others.

Ashton Kutcher suffered a personal tragedy when he didn’t go on a date with his ex-girlfriend Ashley Ellerin the night she was murdered.