No Twerking! Mom Issues Unusual Punishment After Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Made Provocative Moves At School Dance

June 20, 2019

People claim twerking becomes more and more popular among children as it's easy to "turn on YouTube and see Miley Cyrus".

A lot of videos with twerk dances become viral with millions of view.

Of course, young people try to imitate their idols, but sometimes the consequences are rather disappointing.

Mom’s unusual punishment

It was recently reported that one mother issued very unusual punishment after her 11-year-old daughter was caught twerking at the school dance.

Frances Hena publicly scolded her child after it became evident she was making provocative dance moves despite warning her not to.

Jamie Hena was standing for several hours at the busy intersection of California holding a shameful sign.

I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at a school dance.

Frances Hena was not the only one who found such an unusual way to fight with twerking. For example, the Annapolis High School found a creative way of dealing with provocative dance moves. They made students sign dance contracts that bans sexually explicit behavior.

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How creative!