‘Manifest’ Star Josh Dallas Reveals His Presence On The Show Is A Gift: “I’m Attracted To Stories That Have A Big Idea”


April 17, 2019 11:19 By Fabiosa

After its first two episodes, the Manifest became one of the highest watched shows ever.

According to the official reports’ data, the show added 5.7 million viewers after three days of playback. It became a real television sensation, with a total 16,1 million viewers around the globe.

Josh Dallas’ gift

The Manifest star Josh Dallas says being on the American supernatural drama television series is a gift for him. When he read the script for the first time, the story seemed to be really unique and he liked it. Josh Dallas wanted to become a part of it from page five.

I’m attracted to stories that have a big idea that are based on something very real.

The Manifest series tell a story about a plane that disappears and lands five years later, and of course Josh Dallas was really interested in appearance on the show.

Melissa Roxburgh’s meaning about the script

Other Manifest star Melissa Roxburgh says she was blown away after reading the script. She enjoys working with Josh Dallas, and even claims they are like a sister and a brother.

Sure. Josh Dallas is pretty much my older brother in real life now. He’s taken that on. Everyone gets along really well. We’ve kind of created the family dynamic that’s happening on screen as well.

The Manifest star Josh Dallas revealed that his presence on a show was like a gift for him, and he really enjoyed the script from the early beginning.