Melania Trump Received A “Brutal Kind Of Treatment And Mockery” Again. Why Does Nobody Like Her?

December 26, 2018 11:34

In addition to popularity and admiration, most famous people face criticism and negative perception. Nevertheless, some people claim they're not lucky and get only negativity from the public. For example, current US First Lady Melania Trump has recently suggested she is one of the most bullied people in the world.


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Even though many people don’t agree with this statement, she also has some defenders, who've supported Melania and confirmed she really gets too much criticism from the population.

Fox News host Howard Kurtz recently defended the First Lady in the online debate. He claimed she does face brutal treatment and that no other First Ladies have been treated as badly as Trump.

As an example of bad treatment, Howard Kurtz mentioned jokes about her accent. She is always at the center of the media's attention, and people mostly try to find something bad in Melania.

He said:

Melania is subjected to a particularly brutal kind of treatment and mockery. Whether it’s Jimmy Kimmel making fun of her accent to all this media chatter about well, why didn’t she go on this trip with her husband and did she swat his hand away? She’s got a thick skin, but no other modern first lady has been treated like this.

Earlier this year, another Fox News host also defended Melania. Rachel Campos-Duffy and said her predecessor, Michelle Obama, was not treated as badly. It seems Twitter users don't agree with such statements.

The US First Lady Melania Trump is often criticized by media. Nevertheless, there are people who defend her and claim she doesn’t deserve such treatment.

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