‘Superman’ George Reeves' Death After An Affair With Fixer Eddie Mannix's Wife Still Remains A Mystery

July 10, 2019 13:00

Popular American actor George Reeves, mostly known for his iconic role of Superman in the 1950s television program Adventures of Superman, was admired by millions of fans all over the world.

© Superman and the Mole-Men (1951) / Lippert Pictures

But unfortunately, George Reeves left the world at a rather young age – he was only 45 when he died from a gunshot in 1959. Till these days, people don’t know what really happened on that tragic day.

© The Sainted Sisters (1948) / Paramount Pictures

The greatest mystery

George Reeves’ death still remains a controversial subject. According to the official reports, it was suicide. Nevertheless, some people believe he was murdered or was a victim of an accidental shooting.

At that tragic night, the actor was at home with his fiancée Lenore Lemmon and writer Robert Condon. After some time, they were joined by a couple of neighbors.

When George was going to his room, Lenore made rather strange comments.

He’s going upstairs to shoot himself. See, he’s opening the drawer to get the gun. I told you, he’s shot himself.

But after police arrived, the woman said she was just kidding.

Reportedly, George Reeves previously had romantic relations with Toni Mannix, the wife of MGM vice president and fixer Eddie Mannix.

According to some theories, Eddie Mannix might have ordered to kill George Reeves at his wife’ behest. Reportedly, Toni Mannix once confessed to a Catholic priest that she was responsible for the murder.

The whole story is very complicated and still remains a mystery, as nobody knows what really happened during that night.