Movie Stars As Well? Meet Michael Caine's Two Beautiful Lookalike Daughters

May 27, 2019

The popular English actor, Michael Caine, known for his cockney accent and who is often referred to as the British film icon, played roles in more than 130 movies over 70 years.

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Getty Images / Ideal Image

But besides being an incredibly talented actor, he was also a devoted father of two beautiful daughters: Natasha, born in 1973, and Dominique, born in 1956.

Unfortunately, Michael didn’t get a chance to see Dominique rather often, as she was raised with her mom, Caine’s first wife, Patricia Haines. They decided to separate after two and a half years of marriage when Michael had bad times and couldn’t deal with a lack of job opportunities and finances. In 1977, Patricia passed away from lung cancer complications.

Did Michael’s daughters follow in his footsteps?

It seems that Caine’s daughters decided not to connect their lives with the acting sphere. As reported, Natasha graduated from England’s Manchester University and is very close with her parents and sister Dominique.

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In 2007, Natasha got married to the property developer, and together they have three children: two sons and a daughter.

Michael’s other daughter, Dominique, is a horse-farm owner, and she is also very devoted to her family.

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Michael Caine is also a proud grandfather, and his grandsons are like sons to him.

I didn't have any grandchildren until recently and now I've got three – one daughter had twins, Miles and Allegra, and I have my grandson, Taylor. It's fabulous for our family. Because I never had a son, they're not my grandsons – they're my sons. I am so happy.

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The iconic actor, Michael Caine, is indeed a lucky man, as he has such an incredible family!