71-Year-Old Dancer Proves Age Is Just A Number, Performing At 'America's Got Talent' With A Young Partner

May 16, 2019 13:28

Extremely talented dancer Quin Bommelje proves that age is nothing, and continues surprising fans with her incredible performances.

By the way, Quin Bommelje started taking dancing lessons when she was already 60. In the beginning, nobody believed in her, as she showed horrible results and even Bommelje’s husband couldn’t watch her awful dance performances.

Nevertheless, Quin decided not to give up and continued dancing again and again. Eventually, she managed to reach incredible results.

Age is nothing

While appearing on America's Got Talent, Quin Bommelje shocked all judges by her stunning performance with a young partner.

People were fascinated by her high energy and inspirational performance. Her moves are indeed age-defying. Nobody could believe that Quin Bommelje is a 71-year-old woman, as she looks so energetic and so young!

Quin’s biggest life goal

Quin Bommelje has recently revealed that her goal is to inspire people and to prove that people can become popular and successful at any age.

You say you want to inspire people of a certain age, but you have inspired everybody of all ages.

The 71-year-old Quin Bommelje indeed proved that age is just a number, and people’s abilities are limitless. Her dance performance is so inspiring!