Brigitte Bardot Shares A Rare Snap Of Herself To Prove Her Unstoppable Spirit, And It's Hard To Believe She's 84

December 10, 2018

After leaving the big screen, popular French actress, singer, and fashion model Brigitte Bardot has dedicated all her strengths to animal rights activism.

The former actress has once revealed she has never felt comfortable with all that fame and beauty that she got.

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She even considered her gorgeous outlook as something negative:

Marilyn Monroe and I were very different but we were both victims of our image which imprisoned us.

Brigitte Bardot has recently shared a picture of herself on the official Twitter account, and it is really hard to believe this wonderful lady is already 84 years old.

On the snap, she is wearing the yellow vest, showing her support of the anti-Macron 'Gilets Jaunes', or 'Yellow Vests'. This photo is a part of the protest against fuel taxes that began recently in France.

Brigitte Bardot keeps showing her unstoppable spirit and activism and proving that age is really nothing more than a state of mind.

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Brigitte Bardot claims she doesn’t regret leaving acting. Now, she is doing what she likes and tries to make this world better:

It is a battle. A fight against cruelty, stupidity, and the indifference of humans. It’s animals against man, a furious fight meant to better the conditions of animals in the world, to open people’s eyes, to fight their selfishness, and to protect the weakest from the most destructive forces.

Brigitte Bardot’s activism is an example to be followed by others, and she proves it is possible to stay active and be inspiring at any age!

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