Mariah Carey's HIV-Positive Sister Bashes Singer For Not Helping Her And Mindlessly Wasting Money

May 22, 2019

Alison Carey's life hasn't been so bright and happy, and she had to face lots of troubles. In 2016, she begged her sister for help, but unfortunately, Mariah totally ignored her.

Doctors were the ones who saved Alison and managed to bring the woman back from the brink of death.

Mariah Carey's HIV-positive sister suffered from serious brain damage and was really sick after an unexpected home invasion attack. She was also in need of financial support and wanted her sister Mariah to help her.

Mariah Carey's sister blames her for not helping

Nevertheless, Mariah Carey decided not to help Alison. But why did she do it, knowing how hard her sister’s situation was?

Alison claimed she could barely afford to buy herself some food and had no money for the dentist after her teeth were pulled out.

The woman blames Mariah and says she likes her dogs much more than her sister.

She probably spends more on her dogs in a week than I spend in a year.

The singer’s representative said that Mariah paid for Alison’s rehab numerous times, but unfortunately, she wasn’t serious about it.

She's looking for Alison to want to help herself. Mariah can be there with love and support—but at what point do you not enable someone any longer?

Mariah Carey is reportedly done helping her sister. Nevertheless, Alison Carey claims that, unlike her sister, she is always ready to help at any moment.

It is evident that Mariah Carey and her sister Alison don’t have close ties, and everyone has their own point of view, blaming each other for indifference.