Meghan Markle Is Criticized For Estranging From Her Father: "She Will Regret Not Making Contact"

December 21, 2018 11:56

Meghan Markle is now busy with her royal duties and the pregnancy. Of course, it means there is limited time left for something extra.

Nevertheless, there are certain things that we should not forget even when being super busy, and that is the family.


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While appearing on the Good Morning Britain, Thomas Markle revealed he misses his daughter and is really worried about the big gap between them. They haven’t spoken for quite a long time already, but he still hopes the Duchess of Sussex will find a place for him in her life. He really wants to meet the future grandchild, and of course, his daughter Meghan.

Royal experts claim Meghan Markle plays a dangerous game with her dad and one day she is going to regret it.

The royal biographer Robert Jobson said:

The TV interview on ITV GMB certainly won’t heal the rift. I understand that many people who feel he is a sad and attention seeking figure. But I believe Meghan is playing a dangerous game.

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And added:

He is not in the best of health and I would urge Meghan to make contact with him and to try and build bridges. They have both made mistakes.

Other biographer called Meghan a narcissist. Lady Colin Campbell accused the Duchess of Sussex for cutting off relations with her family. She said:

I think less of Meghan now than I did initially. I think the way she shooted her family is appalling.

Hopefully, Meghan and Thomas Markle will find the way to openly talk to each other, and make relations closer. The family is one of the most important things in life, and we should cherish every moment spent with parents and other relatives.

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