Meredith Vieira's Husband Richard Cohen Told Her He Had Multiple Sclerosis On Their 2nd Date So That She Could Leave

April 4, 2019 11:25

Meredith Vieira's husband Richard Cohen told her he had multiple sclerosis on their second date, so she had a choice whether to stay with that man or leave and find someone else.

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But it didn't scare Meredith Vieira and she proved to be an extremely strong woman, who is ready for challenges and is ready to overcome everything for the sake of love and strong family.

First real challenges

Despite that, Richard Cohen reveals that when his condition became more serious, his attitude almost ruined their marriage.

This was a sobering moment for me. I thought hard about how much Meredith does for me and how ungrateful I must seem, nursing my own emotional needs and ignoring hers.

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Nevertheless, there is always a family that makes him feel stronger.

Chronic illness is a family affair. Spouses have the burden of tending to the needs of a loved one, even when they would secretly rather push him out a window.

Richard Cohen also revealed that hope helps him not to give up.

I want to have a long-term relationship with hope. I really do. Making that intimate connection is a challenge. For many years I pushed hope aside, labeling it a crutch. In my research for Chasing Hope, smart people made the case for hope. They came from different places, but all had found the promised land. I decided I could use a little bit of the stuff. Perhaps I need a lot.

Cohen was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 25. He had to deal with lots of health issues, and still keeps fighting. As reported by some media, his limbs are now failing, he is legally blind, and has survived a blood clot that appeared in lungs.

Richard Cohen and Meredith Vieira have been married since 1986. They always supported each other no matter what, and the diagnosis didn’t ruin their marriage.

Meredith Vieira's husband Richard Cohen told her he had multiple sclerosis at the beginning of their relations, but it didn’t stop her from loving him.

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