Meghan And Harry Make Kate And William Break A Royal Rule, But Experts Consider It A Good Sign

December 20, 2018 11:36

It is not a secret that members of the royal family should follow certain rules and protocol procedures. Nevertheless, sometimes it might not be an easy task, and various unexpected situations might happen.

According to the latest rumors, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are feuding, and everything started when the Duchess of Cambridge told her sister-in-law not to berate members of her staff at Kensington Palace. According to the source, Kate explained that it is unacceptable, and only she has the right to speak to them.


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The body language expert claim Meghan and Harry make Kate and William break the rule, but in a good way. But how it is even possible?

Susan Constantine, a body language and communication expert, thinks sisters in law are not competing with each other, they are just influencing one another for the better. When Kate and William just got married, we could see they are rather romantic and we could feel their love. Unfortunately, after some time, they started to behave in a more traditional manner and followed the formal protocol during all official visits and events.

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But now, we notice they are becoming playful again, and it seems they look the same as at the beginning of their relations:

Prince William and Kate seem to be following in the footsteps of Harry and Meghan by breaking the rules a little bit. Kate and William have always adhered to this strict tradition, but I think they can be playful too. They're a fun, sexual couple, like we saw in the photos from the beginning of their relationship. We're finally starting to see that here. I don't see them competing — I see them complementing each other as fun, modern royals.


Despite the rumors of their possible feuding, these two beautiful royal couples are going to spend Christmas together in Sandringham with the Queen. And we hope they are going to have an amazing time together.

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