44-Year-Old Bus Driver Starts A “Happy” Family With 16-Year-Old, But People Call Their Union “Unhealthy”

July 5, 2019

Is there an acceptable age difference in relationships? A lot of people follow this rule: half your age plus seven.

Nevertheless, psychologists claim that one well-known guideline may not work for all people. Everything depends on the specific couple, and their personalities.

Couple with 28-year age gap

Andy Telford and his wife Beth ruined all stereotypes when they started living together.

Andy was already 44 when he met a beautiful 16-year-old teen, and immediately fell in love with her.

They started a family and already have two sons together!

Nevertheless, the couple had to move out as neighbors couldn’t tolerate their unusual relations.

Nobody supports Andy and Beth, and people call their union an unhealthy one, considering 27-year age gap to be unacceptable.

Nobody believes in them!

But despite everything, Andy and Beth try to protect themselves and want to prove that it is normal when different people live together as a couple.