It's Her Destiny! Body Language Expert Claims Duchess Camilla "Without Any Doubt" Acts Like A Queen

May 13, 2019 12:54

Camilla Parker-Bowles was previously the "most hated woman in Britain," and some experts say the public still isn't ready to see Camilla as the Queen.

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Camilla was considered to be the most hated woman when she became the third person in Charles’ marriage with Princess Diana. She was blamed for their breakup, and nobody really liked the Duchess of Cornwall.

Body language experts’ verdict

Nevertheless, some experts claim Camilla Parker-Bowles is ready to be the Queen.

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Judi James says her recent behavior shows the Duchess of Cornwall will without any doubt be the Queen.

Will Camilla be the next Queen of England? Her body language and PR branding at the Commonwealth Games would confirm unreservedly to me that she will without any doubt.

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Judi James claims Camilla Parker-Bowles was spotted taking the lead during her recent appearances.

From her arrival in Australia we saw a very even-handed royal double act with Camilla even taking the lead at times rather than lagging behind reluctantly and waiting to be invited to join in by her husband as she has in the past.

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Camilla’s body language became much more confident, and it is impossible to notice such major changes.

Camilla has developed a new status confidence and uses signals of elevated status that would seem to announce the fact that she will be Queen in her own right, rather than Charles’s consort.

Royal experts say Camilla will be a Queen, whether people like it or not. And even though some people may decide to call her somehow differently, she will still be the Queen.

They may decide to call her something different but she will be Queen.

Body language experts claim Camilla Parker-Bowles will undoubtedly become the Queen, and her recent appearances show the Duchess of Cornwall became much more confident recently.