Sarah Ferguson And Prince Andrew Keep Fans Talking On Them Because Of Their Curious Relationship

June 13, 2018 10:10

The romance between Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) and Prince Andrew appears to have outlived their marriage and divorce.


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Curious relationship between the exes

Fergie’s fairy tale marriage to the Duke of York lasted exactly 10 years. After a whirlwind romance and an intense marriage, she formally left the royal family in 1996.


But she and Andrew continued to raise eyebrows.

The reason for their closeness

They remained quite close whilst raising their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie because they believe in sticking together and working as a unit irrespective of their separation.

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A quick trip down Sarah Ferguson’s Instagram shows that she actively posts pictures of her ex-husband and celebrates his achievements.


It’s not surprising that fans are rooting for them to get back together. But this likelihood has been impossible for a number of reasons.

Fergie, 58, reportedly began to date an undisclosed rich man years ago. There was the small fact that the Queen had asked her to divorce Andrew, and they would be required to get her consent again because he used to be 6th in line to the throne until 2018.


But now that Prince Louis has pushed him to number 7, the former lovebirds may just be able to get together again. Who knows!

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