Before Jennifer Lopez Learnt How To Love Her Curves, She Fought With Hollywood Fat-Shamers

May 16, 2018

If there is such a thing as the perfect body, one of the few celebrities that come close to fitting the description is Jennifer Lopez. And yet, she was not spared by the fat-shamers.

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Queen of curves

The singer and actress disclosed this in 2016, as she prepared to take up her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Before she became confident of her curves, she struggled with trying to fit the 'standard Hollywood figure'. She constantly felt that she was not thin enough.

Now, she is an advocate for body confidence. She knows that feeling beautiful is an attitude and a matter of falling in love with oneself.

Falling in love with herself

Jennifer Lopez has changed the beauty standards by falling in love with herself.

The star launched Jennifer Lopez Inglot makeup line. And she got to chat with InStyle about how she pushed through the body shaming suggestions she encountered when she was starting out.

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She acknowledges that she got more than a few comments on her weight, with the majority asking her to shed a few pounds. However, having generations of curvy women in her family helped her stay confident.

No bad vibes

In 2011, J-Lo did not waste any time and fired her manager who said that she was fat.

She defended her right to be herself without caring about how her action might come across. Well done, J-Lo!

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Jennifer Lopez