Inside Maury Povich And Connie Chung's Very Practical Marriage: They Have Last 33 Years Because Their Temperaments Are Different

May 28, 2018

The delectatable Connie Chung took her time before saying yes to her fellow journalist husband, Maury Povich. They had been dating for 7 years, on and off, and they had come close to tying the knot a number of times.


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She had a crush on him

The timing was never quite right, even though she acknowledges, she had made some effort to catch his attention long before they began to date.


This was back in the 60s when she got a job as a copygirl at Washington’s WTTG where he worked. Chung's mom was dissatisfied with her 36-year-old daughter for staying unmarried.


Her nice paycheck and leading role as one of America's most respectable anchorwomen did not sway the older woman.

Povich was determined

To move things along, in 1982, Mrs. Chung gave her youngest daughter an early wedding present: her own engagement ring.


Maury Povich was 9 years older and had a divorce behind him. Her uncertainty did not deter him; he kept trying to get Chung to say yes. In 1984, she finally agreed to be his wife, and they have been married for 33 years.


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The secret? Povich does not go to be angry with his wife, no matter what the issue is.

Whatever arguments you have during the day? Once your head hits the pillow, it's over.

He told Closer Weekly that much when he spoke to them recently.

Opposites attract

Does he mind that Chung admits she is exactly the opposite - holding grudges and eager to fight in the morning? Not exactly. He says he is a man of few words, and this has helped cement their relationship. Opposites attract, right?


Although Povich already had 2 daughters from a previous marriage, in 1995, they adopted a boy Matthew and grew their beautiful family. 

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