Kate Middleton's Doppelganger? Allison Williams Says She's Constantly Mistaken For The Duchess

January 15, 2019

Royal fans think Girls actress Allison Williams looks exactly like Kate Middleton.

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Uncanny similarities

Allison has gotten this comparison thrown at her so much that she finally succumbed years ago and played Kate in a hilarious comedy skit for Funny or Die, which she wrote herself.

Both women are also quite alike in their fashion tastes. Proof of this?

When Allison got married in her own fairy tale American wedding, she took style notes from the Duchess of Cambridge. But that’s not all.

Can they meet already!

Their similarities go beyond fashion tastes. Sure, they share a love for understated pieces of jewelry could almost pass for twins for their similar brunette locks, but Allison can pull off a mean Kate Middleton impression. It’s a wonder she's yet to clinch a role to play Middleton in some royal epic.


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It’s not clear if Kate Middleton is aware of her actress twin, but Allison would love to meet the Duchess someday.

Oh my god, I hope so! I would love to think that we would get along really well. In my head we'd be best friends. In reality she would probably think I was a starstruck American. But I would love to meet her.

In the Popsugar interview, she gushed about being best friends with Middleton in her head and said she would totally love to spend an afternoon hanging out with the royal, whom she called outstandingly composed and really cool.


We can't imagine anything more dope than these two meeting.

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