Why Does Jane Fonda Never Speak About Her 'Struggling Actor' Younger Brother, Peter Fonda?

November 16, 2018

The children of Hollywood greats often find it hard to make a name for themselves. They are eclipsed by the fame of their parents.

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Jane Fonda's not so famous brother

But for Henry Fonda's children, the story is different. Actress Jane Fonda, 80, has risen to mega-stardom but her younger brother Peter, 78, also an actor, has faded into obscurity. Fans struggle to remember that the iconic actress has a brother, who is a good actor, as well.


Their relationship has constantly come under scrutiny because they are almost never seen together. When the documentary on Jane's life was released, In Five Acts, it was revealed that Peter declined a request to be interviewed.

Are they estranged?

Jane's refusal to speak about her brother has made people speculate that there is some bad blood between them, but this isn't true at all. He loves his sister dearly and says she saved him a lot when they were children. In a 2014 interview, Peter lamented that he does not get to see his sister as often as he would like.


To hear him talk about her, it is clear he's still very much the protective brother.

He admits that he hated her second husband activist Tom Hayden for using Jane for his own ends and said,

Frankly, he's lucky he's still alive.

Rare sighting together

One of the last times the siblings, who are considered to be some of Hollywood's longest working actors, were seen in public together was in 2013, when they headed out for a group date with their significant others.

Jane was with her then-partner Richard Perry, and Peter's much younger wife, Margaret DeVogelaere, kept up with her older counterparts. The foursome were all cozy in West Hollywood and seemed to have a great time.

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