Bruce Springsteen Declares Trump "Deeply Damaged At His Core", And He Has A Very Convincing Reason

November 30, 2018

Trump-bashing is on steroids! Just when you think you've heard it all, a new statement by a celebrity slamming the President for his questionable choices emerges.


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Open letter and a protest song

Bruce Springsteen is the latest to take issue with the President again. In 2017, he wrote a harsh self-reflective open letter accusing himself of not doing enough to stop Trump from winning, despite his celebrity power.

He also did a protest song That’s What Makes Us Great, in which he called Trump a con-man and his supporters – crooks.

Is Trump a damaged man?

Despite these outbursts, he's not done playing word games with the President. And that's for a good reason. 

In a recent profile of the music legend, in which he chatted with Esquire about his battle with mental health, he talked about the importance of family bonds and community.

Springsteen said Trump's lack of these human connections made him damaged at his core:

The bonds of your personal family, but also the ties you can’t break among your community and your fellow citizens. You can’t forsake those things. It’ll rot your core at the end of the day. If you want to see someone who’s—look at Trump. He has forsaken a lot of these things, and it’s affected him. He’s deeply damaged at his core.

The singer says Trump is dangerous because he is incapable of feeling those connections deeply.

As far as Springsteen is concerned, the President is, quite frankly, a moron. And he has said as much in the past.

Trump certainly pisses off more people than he cares to think of.

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