Not Sorry? Kenny Rogers' Surprising Reaction To The Botched Plastic Surgery That Ruined His Face

November 27, 2018

The last person you would expect to go under the knife is Kenny Rogers, but in 2005 he altered his looks and the result was a shock to his fans.

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Kenny Rogers shocks fans with a new look

Fans did not hide their dismay. Rogers no longer looked like himself. His eyes lost the warmth that went so well with his husky voice and scruffy look. He had taken a big risk and it went south.

Responding to the widespread criticism at the time, he said

I'm not happy about it. It drives me crazy.

The singer admitted that he was very displeased with the result of the nip and tuck, According to him, he'd been adviced by a trusted plastic surgeon to lift his eyelids and he had simply gone along with it

Done with feeling sorry

But Rogers has also said in the past that any entertainer afraid of changing their looks would have a hard time staying relevant. And so, in an interview on CBS This Morning, he had a surprising reaction to changing his looks. He still had regrets about how it turned out, but he wasn't sorry about his decision.

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When Gayle King asked him why he agreed to go under the knife in the first place, the country music legend said he simply did it because he had the money.

Rogers said he had wondered for a long time if adjusting his features would make him look better, and so he booked an appointment with one of the world’s best and got the job done.

I regret that, but the truth is I don’t know what I would have looked like if I hadn’t done it. So, you do it and you live with it.

Dolly Parton thinks he looks cute

Another country star who also drastically altered her face and isn't in the least bit sorry about the botched job is Dolly Parton.

She has never had regrets about hers and has publicly come to the defense of her long-time friend.

In 2010, when they appeared on an interview together ahead of an anniversary TV special, Parton said Rogers looked good to her in response to his critiques. For better or worse, these oldies are living their best life.

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