What Happened To Priscilla Presley's Face?! An Expert Explains Her Shocking Transformation

November 27, 2018 17:39

It's almost impossible to remember what Priscilla Presley looked like before her plastic surgeries. But, once, she was a fresh-faced beauty, actress and wife of Elvis Presley.

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She met Elvis Presley at 14

She married Elvis Presley when she was 21. But the singer is said to have fallen for her when she was only 14 and apparently, her parents thought it was okay to let her hang out with him chaperoned.

Five years later, they were divorced and had a daughter, Lisa. After Presley passed on, Priscilla became a star in her own right. She was beautiful and sought after. The movie and TV roles kept coming in.

© The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991) / Paramount Pictures

But, by the mid-2000s, there were already telltale signs that she was relying on surgery to keep her good looks.

Shocking transformation

It's shocking now to see how much her face has transformed from her days on Naked Gun. When she appeared on Lorraine in 2016, Twitter went on a meltdown. Everyone wanted to know what exactly had happened to Priscilla's face. It broke the hearts of her fans.


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Dr. Robert Stephen Mulholland, a leading surgeon told Now To Love that the Priscilla still looked quite good for her age. She was 71 at the time.

He, however, pointed out that her cheeks and had taken the worst hit after a series of procedures.

It’s really the mid-face (cheeks and nose) and the mouth that makes her look a little harsh and a little plastic.

The botched surgery that ruined her face

But her publicist tells another story, admitting despite Priscilla's wealth and access to the best plastic surgeons, that she had fallen victim of a botched surgery in the hands of a charlatan posing as a plastic surgeon: Dr. Daniel Serrano.


Apparently, Priscilla wasn't the quack doctor's only victim and by 2004, Serrano was arrested and served time in prison, but Priscilla's face was never the same again.

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