In A Rare Family Interview, Michelle Obama's Brother Says What He's Most Proud Of About His Sister

November 28, 2018

The sweetest bit about Michelle Obama's book tour has been hearing her mom and brother gush about her. They are brimming with pride and no longer have to hide it or keep quiet about how they truly feel.


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Who is Craig Robinson?

Michelle's older brother Craig Robinson, unlike their mother, did not get to move into the White House. He had a great life as a basketball player and had been the star of the family for years before Michelle became the first lady.


He played basketball successfully in Europe before switching to finance and then finally, his passion: coaching. But then came 2008. Barack Obama was elected president and the lives of the Robinsons changed forever.

Family secrets

And now that Michelle is finally sharing her story with the world, her brother joined her on Good Morning America to share some family secrets.


And right off the bat, he revealed that Michelle was an aunt who let his children get away with being naughty.


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But this is what Craig is most proud of about Michelle run as first lady: her decision to prioritize family.

Of all the things I am most proud of, he said, one of the biggest things that was apparent to our family is she made family imperative.

He says despite Michelle's schedule, Thanksgiving, July 4th celebrations were always a family affair.

She carried everyone along.


The former first lady, however, did not miss a chance to tease her brother for saying nice things about her under duress.

How the family really felt about Barack

But, this isn't the first time Craig has spoken about his sister. In his 2010 memoir, A Game of Character, he talked about the family meeting Barack for the first time.


He says, neither him, his mom nor dad, Fraser, believed the future president stood a chance with Michelle. But Barack was one hell of a determined suitor and he won.

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