How On Earth Does Cary Grant's Ex-Wife, Dyan Cannon, Still Look This Incredibly Youthful At 82?!

January 14, 2019 17:42

Dyan Cannon is Hollywood royalty. She has been a star for more than 60 years and she doesn't look it one bit.


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Phenomenal career

The stunner who was once married to the legendary Cary Grant has had a phenomenal career since getting her big break in the 60s and later on starring in Caddyshack II and Out to Sea.


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Cannon has also hosted the SNL way back in 1976, got a Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1983, starred alongside Hollywood icons like Al Pacino and Michael Caine and in the 90s continued to hold her own on series like The Practice.

Secret fountain of youth

But her acting chops aren't all Cannon has going for her. Decades ago, she snagged one of the most eligible Hollywood bachelors in history, Cary Grant and eventually became his 4th wife.


Today, Cannon still looks so good she can have her pick of heartthrobs. She has indeed found the secret fountain of youth. It's hard to believe she is 82!


It's no surprise that Cannon has been severally assailed with countless plastic surgery rumors. But she isn't one to joke with her health. Her character on Three Sisters borrows a leave out of her page. They are both yoga buffs.

Plastic surgery rumors

The actress whose controversial marriage - he was more than 30 years her senior - to Grant produced one child Jennifer Grant has never confirmed any of the rumors that she's gone under the knife. But she's been very clear about her dedication to eating right and staying fit.


NY Post reports Cannon as saying she has never needed a fitness trainer because she is self-motivated on her own to stay in shape. Is she just blessed with good genes or telling a bald-faced lie?

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