In The Flesh! Yasmin Khan Shares A Stunning Resemblance With Her Famous Mom Rita Hayworth

November 26, 2018

Rita Hayworth was once one of the most glamorous Hollywood stars in the world. Since her death in 1987, she has suffered obscurity but her daughter Princess Yasmin Aga Khan is putting Hayworth's face on the map again.

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America's favorite lingerie girl

Hayworth’s face became one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood thanks to a lingerie photograph of her in LIFE magazine. It was taken in 1941, at the time America was just about to enter into World War II.

Although Hayworth had been in big Hollywood hit movies and went on to star in popular films like Gilda and Pal Joey, her lingerie photo defined her life.

It was the most reproduced American pinup photo ever.

Yasmin remembers her mom

When she died, there were reports that she had been heavily reliant on drinking. But Yasmin recalls her mom fondly.

And despite the final image of Hayworth being one of an alcoholic, Yasmin says her mom was a warmhearted gentle person who was too nice for Hollywood.

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Hayworth and Yasmin’s father, Prince Aly Khan, were divorced by the time she was three, but her memories of time spent with her mother are not tragic.

She remembers their beautiful relationships and poolside chats. Now, Yasmin is 68, about the same age Rayworth was when she died. She has grown into the spitting image of her mom and is committed to keeping the actress' memory alive especially in raising awareness about Alzheimer's.

Heartbreaking battle with Alzheimer's

Yasmin cared for her mother during the final years of her life and tells PEOPLE that the reports of alcohol addiction were half true.

Her mother had an alcoholic breakdown, but there was a heartbreaking reason for her drinking problems. 

I didn’t learn that Mother had Alzheimer’s disease until 1980. Two years earlier she had had a real alcoholic breakdown. I later learned that drinking often accompanied the onset of Alzheimer’s. Not everyone always reacts the same way, but when the mental capabilities diminish, when there is memory loss or disorientation, the victim sometimes turns to alcohol out of sheer frustration.

Hayworth's disorientation in public and agitated behavior was simply caused by her battle with the degenerative disease which was not known to the public at the time.

Now a philanthropist, Yasmin spends her life advocating for people living with Alzheimer’s and honoring her mother's legacy. Good work!

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