Does Meghan Markle Still Feel Like An Outsider In The Royal Family? A Leading Psychologist Exposes All The Hidden Signs

October 22, 2018 19:12

Newly pregnant Meghan Markle is currently on her first overseas tour and looks to be doing a fantastic job. But, are there signs we may have missed that betray the fact that she's still struggling with being royal?


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She's trying not to compete with Kate

From the beginning, Markle has shown that she isn't a traditional duchess like Kate Middleton. When she first debuted her messy bun, the look strongly divided her fans.


Expectedly, hardline royal fans criticized her harshly, but she also won a lot of people over for being relatable.


Image consultant and style guru Dr. Anna Akbari told ELLE that the brand new Duchess' style is a power move meant to signal that she is creating her own rules and not trying to compete with Middleton.

Is Meghan still an outsider?

But, is she succeeding at this? Not all the time. In a recent review by Akbari, it was revealed that most of Markle's style choices show that she still feels like an outsider trying too hard to fit in.

Kate Middleton looked more relaxed during her early days as a Duchess. Her wedding dress was more daring, her engagement announcement outfit was blue, a traditional royal color.

Where Middleton has mastered an effortless preppy style and sticks to it, Markle sometimes overdoes the traditional Duchess look and may appear overdressed.

Old Meghan vs new Meghan

Her new style and personality are very different from what it was before. Meghan Markle, the rising Hollywood star and Meghan Markle, the Duchess almost have nothing in common. But it is for the better.


She has always been a smiley, relatable public personality, but now she is more relaxed. Her smiles look more genuine. Experts say she looks much more comfortable and polished. She may struggle sometimes, but she was born to be a Duchess.

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