Glowing Meghan Markle Could Not Stop Smiling While Visiting Birkenhead. Expert Reveals Why

January 15, 2019 17:26

Meghan Markle has revealed her due date and the countdown is officially on. It's not surprising that an army of behavioral experts are watching her every move for clues.


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Due date reveal

During her first visit to new patronage Smart Works Charity, she wore a strange looking trio-petal earring that triggered speculations online that she was having multiple babies.


Just days later, she made another outing with Prince Harry, this time to visit Birkenhead where they interacted with locals and organizations. While chatting, Meghan reportedly revealed that she was due by April and 6 months pregnant.

Is Harry acting differently?

But while royal fans continued their wild speculations about Meghan being pregnant with twins or triplets, body language experts had eyes too for dad-to-be Prince Harry.


Expert Judi James tells the Daily Mail that the Duke of Sussex has adopted a new approach when he's out with his wife.


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Even more than before, he's become a super protective alpha dad, giving business-like waves like Meghan's personal bodyguard.

His raised head and steely gaze plus the way he offers the crowds a rather business-like, low wave of recognition seem to signal he's taking his new role of father-to-be very seriously rather than joking around as he used to do.

James says Meghan seems amused by it all:

Meghan's bump-cradling makes a happy and proud feature of her pregnancy but she seems to face-check her husband and smile as though slightly amused by his "alpha papa" stance.

James also told Mirror that Meghan has developed a signature coat-twitching move to ensure that her bump is always the star of the show.


They aren't even bothering to hide their pride. Harry and Meghan can't wait to be parents.

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