Changing Her Whole Perspective: Top Chef Julia Child Was A Terrible Cook And Wasn't Interested In Love, Until She Met Paul At The Age Of 31

July 2, 2019

Julia Child was an American chef and TV personality. She was known for introducing traditional French cuisine to American cooks with her cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The legendary cookbook author revolutionized American cuisine through her cooking shows The French Chef and Master Chefs.

No interest in love

As a young girl, the French Chef host had no interest in love nor cooking until she met her husband Paul at the age of 31. This event totally transformed her life and started her career in cooking. She learned to cook to please her husband and attempted to seduce him with her kitchen skills.

Julia and Paul Child's incredible relationship

When talking about her career, Julia was always careful to use "we" rather than "I." Her husband Paul played a very essential role in the success of her career. He had been her original inspiration and mentor.

Though Julia wasn’t interested in cookery initially, it became a close religious calling she never deviated from after meeting Paul. With her husband’s support and criticism, Julia wrote her cookbook without cliché.

When Julia first became a celebrity, the day-to-day reality of her marriage grew more complex. There was conflict between wanting to be a good wife and her ambitions to be a professional.

Aware of her passion for order, Paul figured a way to redesign the kitchen for his tall wife. He drew the outline for the perfect place every pot and pan was kept

Maintaining a balance wasn't easy, but she was driven and ambitious and had the backing of her husband. Paul became Julia’s manager, photographer, recipe-tester and taster, proofreader, and illustrator.

About their marriage

Speaking on the impact of Julia’s partnership with her husband, food writer Ruth Reichl said:

When I look at this kitchen I see the legacy of a remarkable couple who were not only creating a food revolution, but also redefining what a modern marriage might be.

What a devoted couple! Julia and Paul Child had such a remarkable partnership and marriage.