“She Was Still So Connected To The World”: Michael Feinstein Recounts Last Moments With Doris Day

May 15, 2019 11:04

Actress and singer Doris Day made a head-spinning career in Hollywood. The blonde beauty was known for comedies such as Pillow Talk, That Touch of Mink, and songs  like Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera).

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End Of An Era!

Doris dreamed of being a dance but sadly broke her leg when she was 12. She began singing at a Cincinnati radio station, then later at a nightclub.

The Pillow Talk star was married four times. Her first marriage was to trombonist Al Jorden, with whom she shared son, Terry. 

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Her second marriage was short-lived, while her third was to Martin Melcher, who became her manager. Doris gave marriage a try for the fourth time. She married businessman Barry Comden. She, however, retired and dedicated her time been an animal rights advocate.

The talented actress died at her Carmel Valley, California, at home, according to her Doris Day Animal Foundation. This is coming two months after she celebrated her birthday in high spirits.

The last encounter

Pianist Michael Feinstein recently recounted the last moments he had with the screen and music legend, Doris Day.

According to People, Michael said he was invited to share in the festivities with Doris on her birthday. Despite a correspondence of several years, this became their first face-to-face meeting.

Talking about her home, he says: 

It was idyllic. I was struck by the fact that this was a 97-year-old woman and she was still so connected to the world.

The entertainer sang for the actress at her home, as a special gift to her. He entertained the actress with songs such as My Romance, Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries, as well as other hits of Doris. He said: 

She was delighted when I’d sing her songs and she would mouth the words. She was happy and content and living her life on her terms and surrounded by her close friends.


Legendary actress and singer

Speaking on his encounter with Doris, Michael said the actress lived a life like few others. The pianist also noted that though her life was full of highs and lows, she always had love exuding from her heart like few others.

He added that her legacy had a profound impact on him and millions of other people. Michael said:

I feel supremely lucky that I got the opportunity to meet Doris earlier this year. There are moments in your life that you cherish and carry with you forever. That afternoon with her was one of those moments.

May her gentle soul rest in peace! Doris Day’s timeless legacy will continue to live on.