When Love Is Everything: Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick Look In Love As Ever At The Premiere Of His New Showtime Series ‘City On A Hill’

June 6, 2019 10:56

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have one of the most long-lasting marriages in Hollywood. These two are still very much in love even after more than 30 years together. So, it's no surprise that Kyra is by her husband's side.

Happily married

As a couple in Hollywood, Kevin and Kyra have an impressive relationship milestone: 30 years of marriage. Back in 1988, the pair first met on the set of Lemon Sky.

They got married on September 4, the same year they met and have been inseparable ever since. The couple has two children, Travis and Sosie, who plays Skye on 13 Reasons Why.

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Even after 30 years of marriage and two kids, The Closer actress says they’re still very much attracted to each other:

When he walks into a room, I’m still ― I mean, my heart gets a little fluttery and I think, ‘Oh! He’s so cute. He’s so hot.’ That’s literally the first thing I think.

Like any couple, Kevin and Kyra have had their ups and downs over the years, but for the most part, they simply enjoy each other’s company.

So in love!

The couple was all loved up as they arrived for the premiere of Kevin’s new Showtime series City On A Hill in New York on Tuesday.

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With their arms around each other at the event held the pair posed for photos on the gray-carpet looking so in love.

The 60-year-old was spotted in a mustache and two-piece suit with a white shirt, while his wife opted for a white blouse patterned with horse motifs and navy pants.

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Kevin plays the role of veteran FBI agent Jackie Rohr in the fictional account of the number of homicides in the 1990s Boston.

What’s their secret?

The actor has revealed secrets to his happy marriage. Kevin says as a father, husband, actor, and musician, he still wants to make his 53-year-old wife proud of him.

He also noted that they have regular date nights and candlelight dinner with no electronics to share each other’s company.

Kevin added that they argue in a way that both of them can walk away from so as not to cause irreparable damage.

We wish the lovebirds many more happy years together.