Fred Astaire Had Been A Widower For 27 Years Before Marrying Again A Woman Who Was 45 Years His Junior

June 21, 2019

Fred Astaire’s second marriage to a woman 45 years younger than him astonished so many in Hollywood including his own family.

Fred Astaire’s first marriage to Phyllis Potter

The actor’s first marriage was to New York socialite Phyllis Potter. She died at the age of 46 from lung cancer. Her death put an end to their happy marriage of over two decades. He was so devasted by her death that he attempted to drop of the process of filming Daddy Long Legs. The actor was eventually persuaded to stay.

Was his second union happy?

Decades after the death of his first wife, Fred decided to give marriage another shot. He met Robyn Smith, a young star jockey in racing, who was 45 years younger than him. The two later got married quietly in his home.

The marriage which shocked Hollywood and even his own family was happy but did not last too long. In an interview, Robyn talked about their seven-year marriage and said:

By the time we were married, Fred had done everything in his life - more than once. He was in a mood to relax and take it easy. That was fine with me. He was such an exciting person to be around that we didn't have to do a lot. We just always had a lot of fun - I know that.

After their wedding, Robyn retired from racing as Fred was worried she might get hurt. The couple enjoyed playing golf together and watched the latest movies at midnight so that nobody would be able to recognize him when they were out.

Robyn even made the actor watch his own movies at home as he never liked to see himself on TV screens. Their fairy-tale romance sadly fell apart when Fred had pneumonia and died in his wife’s arms.

She vows never to remarry

Robyn was really devasted by the death of her husband. Decades after his death the former horse racer says still feels his absence and misses him desperately.

Fred’s widow also said that she will never marry again and has no interest in even dating. She said: “I loved him and I owe him so much. It’s impossible for me to think of another man.”

It’s obvious that even with their 45-year age gap, Fred and Robyn cared and loved each other deeply.