How Does Freddie Highmore Stays Humble And So Down-To-Earth Despite His Huge Success In Acting?


April 11, 2019 11:17 By Fabiosa

Today, Freddie Highmore is best known for playing an autistic surgeon, Dr. Shaun Murphy, on the hit medical drama The Good Doctor. But, as you likely know, it’s not his first big role.

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Freddie’s acting career started in childhood. He starred in Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory alongside Johnny Depp, and also in August Rush. As an adult actor, Freddie made a smooth transition from the big screen to TV, landing the leading role on Bates Motel.

The young actor is used to life in the spotlight, but he never lets his celebrity status go to his head. What keeps him grounded?

A regular guy named Freddie

Despite being a child star, Freddie had a very normal childhood. Like other kids his age, he went to a normal school. Living far away from Hollywood was also a factor in normalcy – Freddie grew up in London.

Life away from LA shaped Freddie into who he is today – humble and down-to-earth, despite his huge acting success. Here’s how he explained it to New Idea:

I think it was living in London and growing up in an environment that was somewhat separate from Hollywood and that world, where it would have been hard to define myself as something other than an actor.

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Another thing that helps Freddie have a normal life is not using social media. He told New Idea that he’s not on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media apps and websites.

Recognizing the importance of good education, Freddie even put his acting career on hold to get a degree. He said:

I could go to school and high school, then I went off to university and kind of gave up acting for two or three years while I studied.

Speaking about education, Freddie studied at Cambridge, where he earned a double first in Spanish and Arabic. While it’s useful knowledge on its own, it may also come in handy in acting!

Staying well away from Hollywood has only done Freddie good, but even if he went to live and work in LA, there’s no doubt he would stay the same.

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