Joy Behar Dishes On How She Went From Being A Single Mom To A Popuar Comedian In Her 40's

January 10, 2019

Veteran co-host of The View Joy Behar has been on the show for more than two decades. Love her or hate her, but her popularity has only grown since Donald Trump took office. Her net worth reportedly stands at $12 million, but the 76-year-old host’s path to success has been a long road.


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From a poor single mom to a successful comedian and host

At the beginning of her career, Behar couldn’t even think she would one day become a host of a popular daytime talk show. She earned an MA in English education and started teaching English at a high school in New York.

Apparently, she was too much of a radical for a career in teaching, so she quit in the early ’70s. Behar later got a job as a receptionist at GMA, but that job wasn’t right for her either. She said in an interview with People:

I was hostile. I had a master’s degree, and now I’m answering phones? No. It didn’t fit, but I was funny, and people liked me.

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By the early ’80s, Behar was a divorced single mom, still trying to figure out what to do with life. That’s when she ventured into stand-up comedy. She told People:

I was a single mother with no money and no job prospects. I didn’t know what else to do, so I tried stand-up comedy. I had nothing to lose.

She continued working at GMA and doing stand-up for several years, and that’s when her big break happened. In 1997, she got noticed by the legendary Barbara Walters, who invited her to co-host The View. That’s what Behar has been doing ever since and she doesn’t plan on quitting!

The advice that helped her persist

Behar’s career took off when she was already in her forties, and there’s a reason why she had never given up on her dream of making it big.

Speaking on ABC about her career beginnings, the host recalled the advice she got from her psychiatrist:

I had a shrink that said, ‘When you know what you want, all obstacles disappear'.


So she just went for it and eventually landed the job she absolutely loves!

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