‘Criminal Minds’ Star Kirsten Vangsness Undergone Massive Weight-Loss Transformation. What's Her Secret?

May 16, 2019 16:19

People who follow Kirsten Vangsness’ career have noticed how much their favorite star has changed throughout the years. Vangsness’ massive weight loss transformation is hard not to notice!

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She started making big changes back in 2014 when the fans witness her gorgeous new body for the first time as she appeared at 10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards.

But what is her secret?

Vangsness spills the beans

So what helped the ‘Criminal Minds’ star to lose so much weight? Kirsten shared her secret with her followers on Twitter. She revealed that using Renee Stephens' program helped her to change her body.

Renee Stephens is a leading diet and weight-loss coach. Her program is created for those who have tried everything to lose weight but nothing worked. She believes that changing your relationship with food is the key to changing your body.

Stephens has over 150 podcasts where she shares her personal weight-loss story, as well as helping other people to transform their bodies by transforming their minds. Renee uses many untraditional techniques including Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

But using Stephens' program is not the only thing Kirsten Vangsness does to get in shape. She also rides unicorns.

In one of her interviews, the actress shared that she pretends that she’s riding a unicorn when she’s doing deadlifts.

That’s an interesting trick. We should definitely try that someday.